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1.Don Valley & The Rotherhides

I’m So Far in the Red I’m Blue’ (Lees)
Recorded by Alan Smyth
Input Studios, Devonshire Lane, Sheffield – July ‘87
Title Track on the 12” EP
Hot Dang Vinyl – Dang ll (deleted)

2. Don Valley & The Rotherhides
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Double Bass Player’ (Lees)
Recorded live at the Hallamshire Hotel, West St, Sheffield, March 19th, 1992

3. Chicken Legs Weaver
The Fly’ (Genner, Lees, Weaver)
Recorded and produced by Shez Sheriden
The Boardroom, Princess St, Sheffield – July ’96 (demo)

4. Chicken Legs Weaver
Angel Fruit’ (Genner, Hogg, Lees, Weaver)
Recorded and produced by Alan Smyth – Nov ’97 (demo)

5. Chicken Legs Weaver
Sheol Station’ (Lees, Tankersby, Weaver)
Recorded and produced by Lyndon Hobson
Axis Studios, Brown St, Sheffield – Jan 2000
CD single, Wishbone, WISH 3/2000 (deleted)

6. Norton Lees
Chicken Breast Breeder’ (Lees)
Recorded by Tim Millar – June ‘04
From the forthcoming ‘miniatures’ compilation album on the Unstable Label
Email for details

7. Chicken Legs Weaver
Silk Ripped Dress’ (Glaisher, Lees, Weaver)
Recorded live at the Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield, December 12th, 2004

8. Hazel Leigh & Norton Lees
High Hopes’ (Leigh)
Recorded & produced by Justin Morey – Feb ’05
From the unreleased mini-album

9. Baby Long Legs
‘A Nice Idea’ (Hutchinson)
Recorded & produced by John Sephton & Paul Harris
G2 Studios, John Street, Sheffield, Mar ’06
From the “Beards at Dawn” EP

10. Baby Long Legs
‘No-one’s Around’ (Hutchinson)
Recorded & produced by Alan Smyth
2Fly Studios, John Street, Sheffield, Dec ’06

11. House of Charms
‘Fascinator” (The Wheel)
Recorded at Geoff’s, Sept ’10 (Demo)